Oven Cleaner

Oven Cleaner



Oven cleaner is a concentrated caustic solution with built in surfactants and cleaners. It has very high soil removing qualities, particularly on fats and carbons. As well as an excellent oven and grill cleaner.

This cleaning product can also be used on any fatty or carbonized areas that require cleaning.

Being very low foaming it can also be used through certain types of cleaning systems.

Oven cleaner is highly concentrated and has good detergent properties.

Oven cleaner can be diluted up to 1:5 with water and applied to the surface by spray or manual, once applied allow 15-20 minutes contact time before rinsing well with clean water.

For very dirty areas use undiluted. Once applied, allow 5 minutes contact time before cleaning.


Keep out of reach of children. Wear gloves, protective clothing and face/eye protection. Avoid eye contact and do not inhale. Avoid accidental spillage