What is V8-Degreaser

What is V8-Degreaser

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Specifically for cleaning industrial areas. V8 is a heavy duty degreaser that cleans all oils & grease in workshops, garages & all surfaces. Quickly removes grease, oil, dirt and grime with a minimum of physical effort, also best degreaser for haulage/heavy duty engines. A high caustic liquid containing sequestrant, surfactants and water soluble solvents for all hard surface cleaning such as oil and grease stained floors and driveways, workshop floors,etc. Cleaning industrial areas just became a whole lot easier with this cleaning chemical. It is highly effective on oil and grease.

For very dirty floors, mix one part of V8 with five parts of hot water. Pour this mixture directly onto a wet floor, give it some time to react and then work it in with a hard broom, wash away.

For less soiled areas  use a mixture of one part V8 with ten parts of water.

Please ensure that this product is kept out of reach of children.

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